Racing Cars – press the pedals of your Formula 1 blog site with this new upcoming WordPress theme

If your site is inspired by that extraordinary feeling when you press the car’s pedals that much that the mileage-meter is about to go crazy, then take a look at our new upcoming Racing Cars WordPress theme. Whether you keep a Formula 1 fan club blog, a race car sales site, a racing events tracking journal, or even a federation blog, etc., this template will respond to your high-speed feel layout requirements for sure.

The Racing Cars WordPress theme will help you fill the main area of your blog site with various contents in the form of text articles, photos, schedules, trivia and multimedia. In the right sidebar you can post various classified information like links to other racing blog sites, archive & resource links, calendars and others, with the help of the WordPress theme widgets supported by the template.

Here is in a video nutshell what our new theme is about (you can also watch our Racing Cars WordPress Theme HD video trailer version):

Download Racing Cars

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