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Joining the global blogosphere has become a major requirement for success in promoting your personal or business profile online. With the establishment of Web 2.0 practices blogging has started to out-top regular websites in its capacity of a platform for voicing your ideas. Its quickly growing popularity as a means of making your voice heard online is due to the incredible flexibility and ease of administration it offers to you as a blog owner and the usability it brings to your blog visitors.

One of the basic reasons for blogs to become so popular among the modern web society is that most of the blogging tools are distributed online free of charge. The fact that those instruments are offered for free does not discredit their quality in any way. On the reverse, most of them are backed up by large international communities of supporters working on improving their capabilities on a daily basis. A perfect example of an extremely flexible, easy-to-manage and constantly updated blog software is WordPress. This is the tool that we, at Themza, strongly recommend to all of you, as well. To prove our positive vote for WordPress we are releasing free WordPress themes widely accessible to anyone on the web. This is our ongoing contribution to extending the palette of WordPress design skins offered online.

For those of you, who have no experience with WordPress we have prepared two video tutorials showing you how to download and install a theme on your WordPress website. The first movie to watch is dedicated on how to download a WordPress theme from the web. It will guide you through all basic steps of the procedure from selecting the template you like to transferring it to your PC in two possible ways:

The second of our  WordPress video tutorials is focused on how to upload and install a WordPress theme on your site. You will be shown the basic steps of unzipping an already downloaded WordPress template and then uploading and installing it online in less than 3 minutes:

We believe the videos will be helpful to you as far as updating the look and feel of your WordPress blog is concerned. Once getting grasp of the procedure you will be able to switch the design of your blog in an instant, without needing to worry about your site contents.

Have a nice blogging time and remember to regularly check our blog for more new how-to movies on the free script templates offered on our site. 

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