Upcoming Release of ‘Business School’ Moodle Theme

We’d like to lift the curtain on the upcoming release of the newest Moodle theme by Themza. The latest contribution of Themza to widening the variety of Moodle Themes, designed to exclusively support the online education, will be suitable for the presentation of training e-courses in Economics, Business administration and Marketing. The theme will be named Business School and will be a perfect choice for educators who want to organize e-courses for the active learner. The image of a strict lady in the header area plays a supporting role in the creation of ‘classroom discipline’ during the online courses.

Business Moodle Theme

The forthcoming Moodle theme will be available for use on the Themza website, absolutely free of charge. All of you showing interest in the theme will be able to first view its demo version before starting to use it. As soon as you decide to make it your Moodle website’s design choice – you will have the possibility to download the theme and make it work for you online within minutes.

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