Learning Horizon – a good reason to set up your own Moodle e-learning portal

The ambition to learn new things and explore new horizons is the driving force behind our remarkable progress as a high-technology society. Thanks to the new technology creations educators can now set up e-learning portals on their own, without any hassle, and make the training process more effective than ever, combining traditional teaching practices with new interactive techniques.

Download Learning Horizon

With the help of e-learning software like Moodle now hundreds of educators can freely pass their knowledge and experience to the new generations in an attractive virtual environment bringing charm anf flexibility to the learning process.

Since we, at Themza, are huge fans of Moodle, one of the most socially engaged free script software on the web, we are happy to present to you are newest free Moodle theme for your e-learning portal that we release just a few weeks after the previous one – Primary School.

So here it is – Learning Horizon – our newest Moodle theme is now readily available for free download from our website. As its very name implies, the theme is inspired by the new horizons that stundents are taken to when taking active part in the e-learning process. The large blue-sky header of the Learning Horizon Moodle theme reinforces this message, also adding spaciousness to your information-loaded website.

Here are some of the features supported by the Learning Horizon Moodle Theme:

  • Multi-course support
  • 100% Glossary/Lessons/Quizz Control
  • Modifiable text entry areas (WYSIWYG HTML editor)
  • Multi-language and multi-format support
  • Multi-course activities support – Forums, Glossaries, Workshops, Quizzes, Resources, Choices, Chats, etc.
  • Grade Modules
  • Wiki&Workshop Modules
  • HTML Compatibility
  • Many other Moodle supported featur

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