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We are glad to inform you that our newest free CMS themes category – Free Moodle Themes – has been gaining momentum with considerably increased download rates over the last week. Be it for the season of university/college examinations, be it due to the fact that the online education has recently become an integral part of the training process, the free Moodle course management themes are currently the most sought-after templates on our Themza website.

Let us use the chance to shed some more light on the significance and advantages of Moodle, which contribute to the software’s much increased power of attraction.
Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and represents an open-source system distributed online absolutely free of charge for everyone. It is a highly effective Internet-based course management platform that allows for the training process to be processed online. Its main purpose is to facilitate the distant training education, which has become very popular and convenient for busy people nowadays.

However, it can equally well be used for all types of theoretical and practical online courses and training seminars for schools and universities. The scope of its use has gone even further – now big international companies could take advantage of Moodle to organize real-time seminars for their offices situated in different parts of the world. The software’s large coverage is also explained by its availability in a great variety of languages.

The Moodle free course management software boasts a wide range of features and functionalities that concern all aspects of the educational process. Its clean & simple and extremely functional administrative interface empowers the educator to assign training process roles, to manage a questions and answers area, to track and analyse statistics, to conduct anonymous and personalized online tests, to create dictionaries, just to mention a few.

A Moodle website can contain categorized lessons, online tests, researches, online wiki libraries, dictionaries, homework sections, as well as very useful teacher-to-student, student-to-student communication channels such as chats and discussion boards. The interactivity of a Moodle-based website is reinforced by the possibility to integrate various video (e.g. flash), audio (e.g. mp3) and layout (e.g. PDF) files into their pages.

To give a unique and intuitive look and feel to your Moodle website, we recommend that you make use of our rich collection of professionally crafted Moodle themes, available to you at no charge. Simply download the theme you like the most, add it to your Moodle installation and enjoy the benefits of an attention-absorbing online learning environment.

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