More Mambo templates out now on sites dedicated to nature, space, media, green practices, entertainment and more

With the new week coming up, here is our new set of miscellaneous Mambo templates, designed to give a fresh summer look&feel to your CMS site. Here they are in a random order:

Pure Nature

The Pure Nature Mambo template consists of a main content area and 2 neighbouring sidebars. You can set a colour skin for the banner area and the sidebars choosing between green, blue and brown.

DownloadPure Nature

Freight Services

The Freight Services Mambo template is offered in a 3-column layout configuration and supportsĀ green, blue and brown colour schemes.

DownloadFreight Services

Galaxy Explorer

The Galaxy Explorer Mambo template supports a few colour options for the right sidebar area and the text links throughout the whole site (orange, green and red).

DownloadGalaxy Explorer

Global News

You can customize the Global News Mambo template to your taste by choosing between blue, green and yellow colour schemes for the menu headers and text links.

DownloadGlobal News

Green Energy

A choice of green, yellow and red colour options will let you customize the Green Energy Mambo template to your website look&feel taste.

DownloadGreen Energy

Movie Mania

The Movie Mania Mambo template offers a 3-column layout setup and supports yellow, blue and red menu header and text link options.

DownloadMovie Mania

Party Zone

The Party Zone Mambo template is offered in various colour schemes for the menu headers in the sidebar area and the text links – red, blue, violet.

DownloadParty Zone


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