New Mambo themes for sites on Internet services, fitness & fashion, interior design, oil industry and law, now online for you

Check out the new surprises we have prepared for you this week, in the form of new-generation Mambo templates:

Internet Services

The Internet Services Mambo template is available in a few colour schemes (blue, red, green) and 3 layout columns.

DownloadInternet Services

Personal Workout

The Personal Workout Mambo template supports turquoise, gree, and red color schemes, a central content area and left/right sidebars.

DownloadPersonal Workout


The Pret a Porter Mambo template is offered in red, green and orange colours.


Makeup Artists

The Makeup Artists Mambo template is offered in 3 basic color schemes – pink, orange and red.

DownloadMakeup Artists

Refined Cuisine

The Refined Cuisine Mambo template is offered in blue, green, red and supports a main content area, neighboured by 2 sidebars on the right side.

DownloadRefined Cuisine

Oil Industry

The Oil Industry Mambo template supports a few link color schemes (blue, red, violet), a main left-centered body area and two right sidebars.

DownloadOil Industry

Perfect Home

The Perfect Home Mambo template supports a few colour options for the menu headers, a central body area and 2 sidebars.

DownloadPerfect Home

Private Lawyer

The Private Lawyer Mambo template supports a basic light grey background with an option to set a custom color for the navigation links (blue, green, red supported) .

DownloadPrivate Lawer


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