Classical Style – a new Mambo template for antique e-shops and dealers

If you want to set up your own e-store for antiques and collectibles  or to just apply some touches of  glamour and style to your online profile, then Classical Style for Mambo sites is what exactly you are looking for. This is the newest addition to our collection of Mambo templates, which our designers are going to complement with new themes very soon.

The Classical Style Mambo template is offered in a few color schemes – red, violet, grey, matched to a stylishly decorated background. The large thematic banner of the template provides plenty of space for your custom site name and even a slogan.

You can upload your antique reviews and stories within a centered main area, neighbored by two sidebars for the site navigation and extra Mambo modules like Latest news, statistics, etc.

DownloadClassical Style

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