Navigate your Joomla based yachting site through the web sea with the Yacht Sailing theme

If yachting is your hobby or lifestyle choice, our new upcoming Joomla 1.5 template – Yacht Sailing, will help you easily share your luxurious maritime experiences with other yachting fans, or potential yacht owners.

With a sea-style background and a large banner area dominated by a happy yachtman, this Joomla 1.5 template will take your site visitors on a virtual yachting tour, be it a weekend trip, a long cruise, or a luxury yacht voyage or even a yacht racing event.

The Yacht Sailing Joomla template will feature a double central area for your main yachting stories and reviews, and two sidebars (left/right) for additional contents in the form of Polls, Ads, Latest news, External links, etc.

The theme is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, from yacht sailing journals and review sites to yacht sale or rental portals, etc. It is available in a few different color schemes – red, orange, and blue.

Take a quick video tour through the look&feel elements and custom layout options of the theme by watching the Yacht Sailing template management HD video, also rendered for you in a YouTube friendly format.

DownloadYacht Sailing

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