Yacht Sailing – a new Joomla template for your luxury leisure & lifestyle site

Yacht Sailing is now open for free download to all of you who have turned yachting into their luxurious lifestyle or hobby. The newest item in our collection of free Joomla 1.5 templates is designed to infuse your site with a de luxe feel and elegant look.

With its large maritime background and large banner area, the theme, available in red, orange, and blue colors, is designed to take your site visitors on various virtual tours like day or weekend trips, long cruises, luxury yacht voyages or even on yacht racing events.

The Yacht Sailing Joomla template features a 2-column central area for your main yacht sailing stories or reviews, and two sidebars (left/right) for extra classified contents like Polls, Ads, Latest news, etc. Take a look at the Yacht Sailing management HD video for a live illustration of the template’s layout characteristics and customization options.

DownloadYacht Sailing

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