World Cup 2010 Joomla 1.5 template now available for download

Go go go, ale ale ale! This time for Africa :) Here it goes, the World Cup 2010 is at its height, the goals are scored, the adrenaline is rising up. So why keep your emotions to yourself?

Using the World Cup 2010 Joomla template, set up your own football portal to share the latest impressions from the world football tournament in South Africa, with articles, news, live scores, analysis and reports on the goings-on in the hottest place on Earth. The template supports 3 columns and a few color schemes – red/black, orange/blue and blue/dark blue.

And mind to also take a look at the World Cup 2010 Joomla template management HD video for a quick visualization of the steps to customizing the theme to your specific case.

DownloadWorld Cup 2010


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