Free Joomla Web Hosting template for both new and established web stores now online

We are happy to call the attention of Joomla users for a second time in a row this week.

Keeping in mind that our previous Joomla design related post was pre-news of the upcoming release of a brand new free Joomla template, this would mean that now we are ready to announce its ready online availability.

That’s true, we have a new Joomla release for you today, named Web Hosting.

Web Hosting Joomla template

Download Web Hosting

Calling this release ‘new’ has in fact a double meaning – that the Joomla template is indeed freshly designed by our creative team and at the same time it represents something unseen on our website so far. Yes, this time around our designers poured their creative juices into a totally new project. Using the potentilies of Joomla for web hosting sites creation they crafted an elegant Joomla design template matching the demands of both starting and established small hosting businesses.

Well, here it is – the Web Hosting Joomla template is now online, waiting for you to push the ‘Download’ button and make it yours :) What could you expect from this Joomla web hosting, you’d ask. Yes, sure, listed below is a recap of the templates’s basic functionalities and features that you can match against your particular Joomla hosting store needs and make the right choice:

I. 4-column Support – a 2-column template body plus 2 sidebars (left and right)
II. Fully customizable product boxes – edit image, link, product features, etc. options
III. Banner image options – choose an alternative server/product image or put your own
IV. Various color schemes – blue (default), redgreenpurple
V. 2 pre-defined sections for posting Latest Music News, Archive, Polls, Popular links, etc.
VI. Page alignment options – left/right/center
VII. Display date ON/OFF
VIII. Many other Joomla design options

In case you find our web hosting Joomla 1.5 template suotable for your hosting store – simply download it from its corresponding Themza page, upload its file archive to your existing Joomla installation and set it as your default store theme. That’s it – simple and easy. For your convenience, the detailed template upload instructions are listed on our site, as well.

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