The Vortex Multi-colour template with its own how-to-customize-layout video tutorial

The Joomla Vortex Multi-colour template offers a flexible design solution for your website. Supporting a large banner zone, a spacious main section, and Joomla template modules-rich sidebar and bottom areas, the template ensures a compact layout scheme for your website contents.

The Vortex Multi-colour Joomla template is available in various color schemes – red, blue, green, brown and black. You can place fresh contents on your Joomla site using the Newsflash1 module integrated into the header area of the template or the Latest News template module, a part of the sidebar area.

If curious to learn more about the template’s look and feel and supported color customization options, take a few minutes to watch the Vortex Multi-Colour template management HD video.

This movie presentation of one of the most preferred generic Joomla 1.5 templates by Themza will give you an overview of the template in live mode and will show you how to change its color scheme whenever needed.

Download Joomla Vortex

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