Themza releases a new advanced Joomla Template – ‘Mobile Solutions’

It’s all about mobility in today’s global world. People from opposite parts of the globe get in touch with each other in seconds thanks to the great progress of communication technologies. Businesses rely heavily on the latest mobile solutions to get the right information at the right place in the right moment to always stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Mobility, an indivisible part of today’s everyday life, has been our inspiration during the creation of our newest Joomla 1.5 templateMobile Solutions – now available for free download on the Themza website.

Download Mobile Solutions

The Mobile Solution Joomla template, dedicated to mobile solutions, is coming with all the relevant key Joomla features and functionalities. The first thing catching the eye is its large background, which adds spaciousness to your website’s layout and reinforces the ‘mobility’ effect of the design.

You will be able to choose between several different images (of Nokia, iPhone or BlackBerry) for the banner area of the template to better highlight the ‘mobile’ nature of your website. In this area you can also use a Newsflash1 module to post latest news or integrate any module of your choice.

The brand new advanced Joomla template is now available to you in three ‘mobile’ color skins – blue (set by default), blackred and green. Its layout is distributed between a left sidebar, a main body area and a right column. Also worth mentioning are the USER 1 and USER 2 bottom areas, the date on/off options, as well as full compatibility of .PNG images with Internet Explorer 6.

Here is a summary of the most important features of Mobile Solutions:

I. 3-column Support – left/right columns + template body;

II. Various banner options – Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry (through a parameter);

III. 3 color schemes – blue (default), red and green;

IV. Two pre-defined sections (USER 1 and USER 2) for posting Latest News, Archive, Polls, etc.;

V. Default TOP area, containing by default the Newsflash1 module (replaceable by a custom module);

VI. IE6 PNG fix;

VII. Display date ON/OFF;

VIII. A variety of other useful options

You can now take advantage of the new Mobile Solutions Joomla template by downloading it from our website and adding it to your-joomla1.5.x-installation/templates/directory (via FTP or by browsing the template’s zip archive from Extensions » Install/Uninstall). To set the template as default, you should select it from Extensions » Template Manager and push the Default button. To preview the template, you can take a look at its live demo version.

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