The ‘In Vino Veritas’ Joomla template now online to match your finest gourmet design taste

Sparkling with the color of wine, theĀ In Vino Veritas Joomla 1.5 template is now readily available on the ThemZa’s download index. Should you need a quick design solution for your commercial or non-commercial wine-inspired site, then our new template will do the job of any designer with just a click of the mouse from your Joomla Admin Panel.

The In Vino Veritas Joomla template is divided into a central area and two sidebars, giving you plenty of space to present your main and classified contents in a most organized and readable fashion.

The supported colors are red and blue and the layout customization options include – edit logo image, modify logo area, deactivate promo banner, and other useful functionalities. Curious to learn how this stylish Joomla template will look like in live mode? Check out theĀ In Vino Veritas HD video tutorial we have prepared for you in two multi-media formats. The YouTube version is conveniently embedded into our post:

DownloadIn Vino Veritas

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