The Financial Calculator Joomla template now available for free download

Today we, at Themza, are celebrating an important pre-announced financial event – the release of our new Joomla template – Financial Calculator :) . The theme is another attempt, hopefully as successful as the previous ones, of our designers to harness the incredible potential of Joomla software for setting up all kinds of business websites. Financial Calculator continues the recently released series of economics oriented templates like Forex Trading and Business Affairs. What distinguishes it from the rest is that it is closely targeted at businesses operating in the financial economics sphere.

The Financial Calculator Joomla template is suited for stock exchange sites, bank sites, investment company sites, business management focused sites, sites dedicated on financial risk management, and many more. It is available in 3 grey-dominating color schemes (green-dark grey(default), red-dark greyviolet-dark grey) and boasts a rich set of layout customization options like Edit promo boxes, Change logo image/banner, etc. Pre-defined Joomla template modules are supported as well.

For a better illustration of how to work with the newest free Joomla 1.5 template and manage its customization settings – we have included a comprehensive video tutorial in the post. You can also check the video on our Financial Calculator template management page

Download Financial Calculator

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