Sweethearts Club, your Joomla 1.5 dating site template skin, to be released next week

Adding a romantic feel to your dating portal will be truly easy with the upcoming Sweethearts Club Joomla 1.5 template. Boasting a large banner image that displays a happily dating couple, the template will be welcoming your site members to find their sweethearts through your site.

You will have the opportunity to organize your dating site contents between a 2-column body area, and Joomla modules driven sidebars and bottom boxes. Customizing the Sweethearts Club Joomla template’s layout to your particular needs will be done through functionalities like change color (red-blue, blue/red and green/orange), activate a logo area, set a custom logo image, set page alignment, etc.

We have shot for you an introductory Sweethearts Club HD video trailer, also available in a YouTube format. It will acquaint you with the key layout elements and functionalities supported by the template. Sweethearts Club is scheduled for release at the beginning of next week.

DownloadSweethearts Club

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