A how-to-customize-layout video tutorial added for the Real Estate Joomla 1.5 template

The recently launched Real Estate Joomla template has been now made much more usable to you with the addition of a video tutorial to the Themza site. You can now download the Real Estate template and take a quick layout management& customization lesson by watching the short Real Estate HD video displayed on its own dedicated page. The 5-minute long movie will teach you how to:

  • Change Color Scheme – supported color schemes options red, green, blue
  • Display or Hide Logo – real estate related logos or put your own
  • Change Logo Image – choose between 6 real estate related logos or put your own
  • Change Banner Image – choose an alternative sales agent/product image or put your own
  • Display or Hide Product Boxes
  • Edit Product Boxes – edit image, link, product features, etc. options
  • Display date ON/OFF
  • Page alignment options - left/right/center

Besides, you will be able to take a look at the template’s main layout areas that will help you add a professional web design touch to your real estate online store:

  • JavaScript-based main tab menu – with 2-color drop-down effects
  • 3-column Support – a two-column template body plus a left and right sidebars
  • 2 pre-defined bottom sections for posting Latest News, Archive, Polls, Popular links, etc.
  • Various Joomla modules – for the two sidebar columns (Resource Links, Search form, Ads)

DownloadReal Estate

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