Real Estate free Joomla template to be released this week

Hello dear Themza friends,

Surprise! We have another good news for Joomla fans this week :) Our designers have just announced that another Joomla template, named Real Estate, is on the way to be released this month. We admit, this may not sound fair to those fond of other open-source software (such as Moodle, WordPress, 4images) we release templates for.

However, your should all agree that Joomla holds such a great potential for creating websites of various themes and purposes that it would be a great shame if we do not dedicate efforts to developing it as much as possible. Users` various needs are our guiding light and we are trying our best to follow as big a percentage of themas possible with great doses of creative zeal and consideration.

Download Real Estate

Now, let`s get back to our breaking news – a brand new Joomla theme focused on real estate is to be released at the very end of this week. This is our first real estate Joomla design project developed with much enthusiasm and though of what a real estate website should feature in terms of layout, contents, modules and navigation to bring real success to website owners.

In this project our designers have incorporated all Joomla supported features that could help real estate site owners quickly set up a marketable storefront of their own, without giving a dime!

The new Real Estate Joomla template will feature a four-column layout, a JavaScript-based menu, a highly-customizable header area with the Newsflash1 module, a product boxes area that could be easily re-configured up to your particular requirements, just to mention a few. Several layout schemes including red, greenblue, and the family theme are supported too. The theme will be perfect for all real-estate-related websites.

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you like the template for your Joomla powered website, which, however, has nothing to do with real estate matters – don’t worry; you will be able to easily customize the template layout to your particular requirements through your Joomla Admin Panel; we have made things easy for all of you :) Stick around for our official Real Estate free Joomla template release announcement one of these days.

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