Premier League Football – Another Advanced Template on the Joomla horizon

To the attention of all Premiership fans – the Themza designers have crafted for you a Joomla template entirely dedicated to the hottest sports event of the year – the Premier League Football! The theme’s development project has been influenced by the great interest that the Themza users have been showing in our football-related templates recently. With this special edition – there will be no need for the fans of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and the National Football Team of England to customize the theme’s layout to reflect their beloved team’s symbols.

Download England Soccer Fan

The newest advanced Joomla template is equipped with the option to choose which team you wish to be presented on your template based fan website. You can choose a collage image of your favorite team to decorate the most visible part of your website, where there will also be a place for the Newsflash1 module where you can post latest news about your team. All that can be done with a few clicks from your Joomla Admin Panel.

Premier League Football will surprise you with extra layout customization features added to the set of functionalities that can be found in our previously released advanced Joomla templates as well. You will have the possibility to choose a preferred background theme, change the title’s default font and set a desired page alignment to the monitor’s screen (left, right, centered). Another useful option will be to choose whether you wish to have a data displayed on your website or not. What else you could expect from our newest Jooma theme is the availability of two sidebar columns to the right of the template’s body section. This is an innovative layout solution that will give you the possibility to concentrate the most important information within the right section of the template, where the majority of users most commonly tend to focus.

The upcoming new advanced Joomla template will also feature the well-known pre-defined bottom sections where you can post Latest News, Archive, Polls, or any other information of your choice. The template will become available for free download online by the end of the present business week, so stay close to our website for the official news release on that event. Its launch will be followed by the release of a series of Joomla templates dedicated to other famous football championships.

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  1. internettv Says:

    Where were a year ago when I started my series of websites devoted to Premiership teams? Just kidding. But seriously, the feture I liked most in your templates is the option to change the collage image – it solves so many problems for customization.

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