Offer your foreign exchange site visitors a user-friendly on-site experience with the Forex Trading Joomla template

Remember our new Joomla template pre-release post published here at the very beginning of this business week, where we promise to challenge you with a Joomla template focused on the foreign exchange market theme? It was mentioned in the post that the soon-to-be released template – Forex Trading, would try to embed the ‘seriousness’ of the currency trading affairs into the cheerful atmosphere traditionally brought by Joomla sites to offer your site visitors an equally buisiness-like and friendly online experience.

In support of the template preview we used a video trailer meant to give you a better idea of what was forthcoming – a combination of lively colors, Joomla template specific layout and navigation elements with all necessary promo areas and content modules for building a well ranking foreign exchange site.

If that was all enough to stir up your interest in our new ‘experimental’ release, then maybe you’d be glad to know that there is much more to expect from the Forex Trading Joomla template. Actually, no need to await anything related to the template anymore, because the theme is now online, ready to take your foreign exchange online affairs to a new level as far as the usability of your site is concerned. As usual, the template is completely free of charge, just a few clicks away from you, and, of course, equipped with loads of customization options.

Here is a short list of the most noteworthy Joomla customization options, supported in Forex Trading:

I. JavaScript-based navigation menu
II. 4-column Layout - a two-column template body, a left& right sidebars
III. Fully customizable promo boxes – edit image, link, title, etc. options
IV. Custom logo options - choose an alternative foreign exchange market related logo or put your own
V. Index banner image options
VI.Various color schemes – orange/blue(default), red/blueviolet/blue
VII. Two pre-defined sections for posting Latest News, Archive, Polls, Popular links, etc.
VIII. Page alignment options – left/right/center
IX. Display date ON/OFF
X. Many other Joomla skin options

We also have a video tutorial for you that is designed to walk you through all basic Forex Trading Joomla template management and layout customization steps:

Download Forex Trading

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