Sincere Happy Easter wishes to all of you with the newest colorful Joomla template release

The Easter mood has got a grip of the ThemZa site too with the release of theĀ Happy Easter Joomla 1.5 template, which was pre-announced a few days ago. It’s now time for putting a festive eggs & chicken decorated dress on your site and tuning it into the pre-holiday fever to properly share the special moments with your friends, community members or customers.

The Happy Easter Joomla template is packed with three vivid color options – pink, yellow and red, and offers a site-wide banner area, which features a customization text area and is topped by an editable logo and site title area. The magic of Easter is now closer to your site than you could ever imagine. With just a click your Joomla site can slip into a new skin to help you better celebrate this most joyous time of the year.

Take a quick tour through the template by watching the Happy Easter management HD video

DownloadHappy Easter

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