The Global Logistics Joomla template now translated to multiple languages

Just as your international transportation business involves contacts with different countries, our Global Logistics Joomla template has crossed the multi-lingual border and is now translated into all the languages presently supported by ThemZa. This professionally crafted template features all the layout elements and functionalities that your logistics site needs.

Mentioning international affairs, it seems that the word ‘logistics’, as a synonym of  ’transportation’, sounds in the same way in most of the supported languages. See for yourself – the template is now known as ‘Transporter’ in Español, ‘Transporteur’ in Français and‘Trasportatore’  in Italiano. Our friends from Portugal will read it as ‘Transportador’ in Português, and those from the Netherlands – as ‘Тransportbaan’ in Nederlandse. ‘Transporter‘ is the Deutsch version of the template.

If you are from Bulgaria or Russia, the template will even sound to you the same way –  ‘Транспортер’ in Български and again ‘Транспортер‘ in Русский). The only ‘transporting’ exceptions are the Ελληνικά (Greek) and the Türkçe (Turkish) versions of the template - ‘μετακομιστής’ and ‘Nakliyeci’, respectively.

Global Logistics Joomla template – Intro Video:

Global Logistics Template Management Video:

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