Spiritualize your web presence with the free Yoga Style Joomla template

A new spiritual practices driven template has been added to our collection of miscellanneous Joomla 1.5 templates. The new Yoga Style template is designed as an easy to use and customize skin for your body&mind balance inspired website. Whether it is focused on popularizing the Eastern spiritual principles or offering online Yoga courses, your website can easily have its own design skin with just a few clicks.

The Yoga Style Joomla template is available in 3 light color schemes – blue/red (default), red/blue links, green/orange links. It features a well-harmonized layout, including a large banner area and a main area, neighboured by left and right sidebars.

Besides the regular content you want to put on your website, the template will also allow you to set apart classified content with the help of various Joomla module like Latest News, Login/Search forms, Key Concepts, etc. You will also have the option to place your own logo image in the template’s header or even disable the logo area, if necessary.

Taking advantage of the Yoga Style template is just a click away from you. Simply download the template from our website and unpack it to your Joomla installation folder. Customizing the template’s layout is illustrated step by step in the short Yoga Style template management HD video we have shot for you as both a regular onsite tutorial and a YouTube movie:

Download Yoga Style

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