A Forex Trading Joomla template for players on the foreign exchange market- coming soon!

Hello Themza friends,

We are sooo happy to let you know that … we do feel happy… cause we are back :)
After experiencing some unprecedented server interruptions for the last few days, when our site was taken down several times, we ‘came to life’ again, infused with new power and creative zeal. Despite all hardware difficulties, we never stopped working on our ongoing projects and are now thrilled to inform you of the upcoming release of a new Joomla template – Forex Trading.

Yes, that’s correct. Our new free Joomla template project will be focused on the foreign exchange market and will be targeted at banks or other official institutions operating on one of the largest and most dynamic trade markets globally. Cool, isn’t it! It is our sincerest desire to expand the circle of users taking advantage of our free template solutions, by continuing to unfold the potential of the Joomla software and integrating new functionalities into our templates.

The new Forex Trading Joomla template, we believe, will be one of our best results in this direction. Curious to know why? Well, then check out the preview template video for getting a quick illustration of the template’s layout characteristics and supported customization options!

Download Forex Trading

We expect to launch the new Joomla template by the end of the present week. If our video has managed to spark your interest in the template, then be sure that there will be a lot more to come :)
Just stay around and await our post-release news.

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2 Responses to “A Forex Trading Joomla template for players on the foreign exchange market- coming soon!”

  1. Vavier Says:

    Thank you for creating this template. I am a big fan of using Joomla to build websites, and this template is very clean and convenient for any person who wants to build a forex website. I will probably use this template on my next forex website.

    –Keith Free Forex Training

  2. Online Forex Dude Says:

    Very cool! I only wish you had this template when I started my website. Kinda late for me now.

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