Even more professional Joomla Multi-Colour template will be released soon.

It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.

Life’s a sport. Sport’s a way of life. Sport prolongs life to a certain extent. We want to live a lengthy Virtual Life as much as we want to live a lengthier Real Life, but we don’t want to live forever by no means. Our aim is to Enjoy the Ride to the extent that our skills and environment allow.

Because in a few days’ time we’ll be launching an even more advanced Joomla template than our best Joomla template so far, we’ve asked ourselves the following few questions and would like you to see the answers written by us as well.

Why do we, at THEMZA, go in for sports?
Because we are competing with the other Joomla CMS (Content Management System) template manufacturers. We’re increasing the precision at the expense of the quantity.

Who is going to offer the best Joomla template for your websites?
We cannot answer this question accurately. You, the clients of the free templates for Joomla 1.5, decide how good our designs are. For now, there’s nothing we should be worried about. Our templates for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.0, Moodle, WordPress, & 4images, are quite popular and are being frequently downloaded.

Who’s a better Joomla template manufacturer: he who makes several templates a week or the one that makes one Joomla template per several weeks?
Everyone who has at least basic Joomla CMS knowledge is aware that at the moment there are a lot of Joomla template manufacturers on the Internet. This should mean higher quality of the offered templates. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, with a few exceptions like us, of course.

We believe that at this moment those who make serious numbers of templates experience serious problems with their quality. We don’t like to be like that. We will always be offering you comparatively few Joomla design templates made with a greater precision whose quality will be above the average for the current Joomla League. An excellent boutique workmanship, like they say.

Since you talk and write so much, why the hell is this post for?
We’d like to explain by all available means that our new Joomla template will be a little more professional and functional than our last Joomla Vortex Multi-Colour template. It will, of course, be a multi-colour template as usual. Just a little bit.

One of these days our friends writing THEMZA blog posts will publish this great template. So, look forward to it.

We are going on a holiday in the mountains where the bears are. He who’s afraid of bears should not go to the mountain! We ARE NOT AFRAID. We’ve made a whole new 4images template, which is being frequently downloaded. So, you have to believe that no bear will scare us off.

We’ll be back in 10 days approximately, if we haven’t been eaten by some bear…

Adiós. Adeus. Auf Wiedersehen. Au revoir. Arrivederci.

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