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Hello to all Joomla fans,

Following the success of our last two Joomla releases – Real Estate and Web Hosting, our designers decided to stay a little bit longer on the Joomla track to see how far they could go in revealing to you the website set-up potential of Joomla.

So here it is – the latest result of their provenly effective ‘Joomla template experiments’ – Daily News.

Download Daily News

The Daily News Joomla theme is inspired by the information-intensive times we live in, giving you the opportunity to quickly set up your own news website to share breaking news and important events of any kind with the rest of the world. The new Joomla 1.5 template is equally fit for personal and media-type websites, offering proven navigation techniques and a good deal of content and layout customisation options:

I. JavaScript-based main navigation menu for easier browsing through your news site sections and archive
II. 4-column Layout- a two-column template body plus a left and right sidebars with several menu modules
III. Fully customisable ‘Latest News’ box - edit image, news text, title, ‘Read More’ button, etc. options
IV. Edit Logo option – set your own logo/banner within the header area
V. Various color schemes – red, green, blue
VI. Two pre-defined module sections for posting Latest News, Archive, Polls, Popular links, etc.
VII. Page alignment options – left/right/center
VIII. Display date ON/OFF
IX. Many other Joomla news site design options

To take advantage of the chance to set up your own news portal without any investments and efforts – go straight to the Daily News professional Joomla template web page to download this free Joomla template to your computer. Then quickly get going online to make the world a bit more informed with your own Joomla-based online media contribution.

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2 Responses to “Daily News – a free Joomla Template for your news site now online”

  1. Moto Says:

    This template is great, fits all my needs for my news website http://www.mahjongnews.com
    Just 1 question: I would like a larger logo, and I would like to use my current Flash-movie (swf file) for it. Is that possible? If so, how?
    (Well, actually that’s 4 questions ;-)

  2. Gene2009 Says:

    Cool template.. I presently posting on a news blog but I am not actually the administrator.. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this template to my administrator.. Thanks for the post..

    HGV Training

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