Put your most cutting edge ideas online with our newest Joomla 1.5 template

At the very beginning of this week we gave you a promise to release our newest Joomla 1.5 template project – Cutting Edge.  Well, here it is, the latest release by out designers is now freely available for download on our site, offered to you in 3 color schemes (blue-dark grey, red-dark grey, green-dark grey) and 4 layout columns (left sidebar, 2-column double area, rigth sidebar).

The Cutting Edge Joomla template supports various Joomla modules that will help you diversify your site contents, placing Latest News, Key Concepts, Resource Links, Search/Login form boxes within the two sidebars and the bottom area.

Customizing the Cutting Edge template to your look&feel requirements is easy, using the customization opitons it supports – change color scheme, select a Joomla design module, enable logo area, set a custom logo image, change page alignment, etc. options. Most of these options are demonstrated for you in the Cutting Edge HD video tutorial, also shot in a YouTube format:

DownloadCutting Edge

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