Casino Royale – a free Joomla 1.5 template for your online gambling portal

The newly released Casino Royale Joomla 1.5 template will now make a one-stop gambling portal of your site with a few quick clicks. Simply download the theme from our site with a click and make a few content adjustments from your Joomla Admin Panel. That’s it! Your casino community site or money-making gambling portal will go online ready to challenge your visitor’s love for hazard-ous adventures.

The Casino Royale Joomla theme offers 4 layout columns (a 2-column central area and two neighboring sidebars) and 3 custom layout options: change colour (gold, green, red, silver), show hide logo, change logo (3 logo image options available).

To better catch the casino feel of the template take a look at the Casino Royale template management HD video, also made for you in a YouTube format.

DownloadCasino Royale


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