‘Business Affairs’ – a Ready-made Design Solution for Joomla Business Websites

The reason why business websites are growing in number any minute is that more and more companies and organizations are relying on their online presence to achieve a significant portion of their revenue. The business website is seen as a vital part of the marketing strategy and as a basic means of presenting a company’s overall business profile to the attention of its clientele and partners.

With Business Affair, the newest free Joomla 1.5 template by Themza, any small to medium sized company can find a ready made design solution for their website.

The Business Affair Joomla theme is offered in 3 strong color schemes – corporate blue, powerful red and fresh green. Its plain design allows you to smoothly distribute your business website contents between 2 template body columns and 2 multi-functional sidebars. Also, the pre-defined Joomla modules supported by the template give you plenty of extra layout space where you could post Latest News, Polls, Archives, etc.

Through the Change Logo customization option you will have the possibility to enable the logo area and edit the logo image by replacing it with a custom image.

All customization steps have been demostrated for you in our Youtube video tutorial displayed below as well as on our special Business Affairs template management HD video page.

Download Business Affair

The Business Affairs free Joomla template is now readily available for all of you on our website. Simply download the template to your PC and add it to your Joomla installation. For detailed instructions on how to to that – take a look at our Install Joomla 1.5 template video.

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