‘Back to Nature’ with the upcoming new Joomla 1.5.x template by Themza

Dear Joomla fans,

We have another surprise for you this month – a Back to Nature free template for your Joomla website. You may ask what inspired our creative team to choose this specific theme for the new template? Well, Nature-based web design solutions have been so much embraced by designers lately that browsing through the ocean of Internet websites is about to turn into a virtual ‘back to Nature’ walk.

Users do seem to be enjoying themes with organic elements as is the case with our Spirit of Nature – one of the most downloaded free Joomla 1.5 templates on our website. Namely the considerable interest in our first organic design theme encouraged our designers to craft its follow-up – Back to Nature, scheduled for release over the upcoming weekend.

Back to Nature

DownloadBack to Nature

The Back to Nature Joomla theme will feature three layout columns and will be available in two strong organic color schemes – green (default) and red. You will have the option to choose a logo variant or set up your own instead.
Other features will include: two pre-defined sections (USER 1 and USER 2) with Joomla script supported modules in the footer area and a TOP area with the popular Newsflash1 module in the header zone.

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