‘Back to nature’ – a fresh organic web design solution for Joomla websites

Here it is! Back to Nature – the newest Joomla template by Themza is now online, ready to fulfil your ‘most organic’ web design requirements. This second-in-a-row natural-elements-saturated Joomla template gives generous amounts of space and freshness to your website, so that your visitors could feel like walking in the open air while browsing through your site pages.

In addition, the Back to Nature Joomla theme gives you various possibilities to arrange your site contents in a way that matches your particular online demands to the greatest extent.

Back to Nature

DownloadBack to Nature

With Back to Nature you can take advantage of the following Joomla 1.5.x supported features and functionalities:

  • 3-column Support – arrange your website contents within the template’s body and the two sidebars;
  • 2 organic color skins – green (default) & red ;
  • 3 logo versions for the header area;
  • Default TOP area with a Newsflash1/custom module;
  • Switch ON/OFF promo/logo areas options;
  • 2 pre-defined bottom sections for publishing Latest News, Archive, Polls, etc.;
  • Layout alignment options – left/right/center;
  • Display date ON/OFF;
  • Many other Joomla 1.5.x supported options;

Grab your fresh copy of Back to Nature Joomla 1.5 template now! It is totally free for all of you and is capable of serving all sorts of Joomla based websites. Reward your visitors with a quick virtual walk back to Nature. What an extra to the basic benefits users get from your website , isn’t it!

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