The AutoMania 2 Joomla template now equipped with a video tutorial

Since its release some time ago, the AutoMania 2 template has been applauded by many car fans worldwide. This free Joomla 1.5 template will help you add style and luxury to your cars-related website, be it a car show room, a car-racing event or a discussion forum for car addicts.

The AutoMania 2 Joomla template supports many layout customization options, aimed at enabling you to tune its layout to your car-style requirements. All of the options are applicable by editing the template’s CSS file. If you do not have any CSS skills, do not worry.

We have prepared for you an AutoMania 2 HD tutorial video, similar to the Automania 1 video tutorial that will ease your work with the code. The movie will walk you through all layout CSS customization options such as:

  • change link color – see how to set a custom color for the text links
  • change left-column link color – also see how to set a separate color for the left-hand column links
  • edit background color – learn how to modify the background color of the template
  • change header color – check out what you should do to edit the header title color
  • change text size – see how to change the text size
  • adjust page alignment – consider the options for changing the template’s position to the screen

Download Auto Mania 2

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