A quick web design solution for your Joomla-based web hosting store

Hello to all potential and present Joomla fans. We haven’t had a new release for you since the last year when, at the end of December, our Feel the Music Joomla template was launched online for free download. So, we think it’s high time that we made it up to you with a brand new, innovatively designed Joomla template, dubbed Web hosting. Yes, that’s right, the new Joomla release by Themza will be entirely dedicated to the web hosting business theme.

Download Web Hosting

The template has been created with focus on the fundamental design look&feel prerequisites for setting up a well-selling web hosting store such as – simple 3-column layout, eye-pleasing color scheme, easy navigation through JavaScript-based drop-down tab menu, etc. The template will feature a completely customizable header area, where the available web hosting plans can be displayed to the attention of customers as per the website owner’s specific marketing demands. In addition, the server images you see on the template can also be modified or replaced automatically with more suitable ones.

The Web Hosting Joomla template will be freely available to anyone who is just about to jump into the web hosting business or to established small hosting businesses looking to easily switch the current design skin of their online store to a more up-to-date one. Our new Joomla will be available for you on our website in a couple of days. We’ll be back with some more news on the matter shortly.

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