New Joomla 1.0 templates for various aspects of home now on Check them out.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, home is the place you could never get fed up with. Because home is everywhere you feel good. To help you easily spread online your ideas of ‘home well-being’, we have launched some fresh Joomla 1.0 templates, reflecting various aspects of exterior & interior design – from the architectural and construction works preceding a home building to the real estate stage where the dream home becomes your own property.

Architecture Studio

The Architectural Studio Joomla theme is offered in a few link color schemes (blue, red, violet)  and supports 3 layout columns.

DownloadArchitecture Studio

Furniture Design

The Furniture Design Joomla theme supports a few colour schemes (violet, orange, green) and 3 basic content columns.

DownloadFurniture Design

Real Estate Company

The Real Estate Company Joomla theme is available in 3 color schemes (blue, green, red) and supports 3 content columns.

DownloadReal Estate

Master Builders

The Master Builders Joomla theme will help you set up your construction site within a 3-layout column scheme, with menu color themes (red, yellow, blue) of your choice.

DownloadMaster Builders

Solar Energy

The Solar Energy Joomla theme is offered in orange, blue and green colours, and supports a central content area plus 2 right sidebars.

DownloadSolar Energy


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