Exclusive! Joomla 1.6 templates on ThemZa.com

When Joomla .1.6 was officially released a few months ago, it promised more power, more control, and more options than ever before. Well, promised kept, so we, at ThemZa, started a new series of free Joomla 1.6 templates to help you get the most of this amazing Joomla software upgrade.

Joomla 1.6 offers several advanced new functionalities over the previous 1.5 version, among them:

  • improved semantic XHTML layouts
  • a better content presentation
  • the ability to move modules up and down
  • the ability to choose which modules to display and on what pages
  • the ability to add a meta decription and keywords to a category
  • the ability to change the page title and the header of an article separately

Following these improvements, we added new and improved features in all Joomla 1.6 templates, including an advanced jQuery slider with editable options, an option to select your own logo image, an option to edit the site title, etc.

Remember to check out the new Joomla 1.6 templates section regularly for new theme additions.

Still true to the well established previous version of Joomla, we’ll keep adding new themes to the Joomla 1.5 templates collection.


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