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To the attention of the Portuguese speaking Themza fans – today we released a Portuguese version of our website. Since the start of the multi-lingual Themza campaign we have released French, Italian and Spanish versions of the site, and today we are glad to announce the Portuguese version launch.
There are two basic ways to access the Portuguese version of Themza – by using the “Web templates gratuitos (temas estilo) para web sites pessoais e empresariais link to open the index page or by clicking on the Portuguese flag right under the navigation menu.


Entering the Themza’s Portuguese version, you can examine our rich collection of high quality free templates accessible through the “Themas gratuitos” menu button. Also, you can navigate to our blog clicking on the “Blog estilo” tab, get in touch with us opening the Contact Us page – “Contactos”, or consult our video tutorials in the “Vídeo -Aulas” section.

Using the left sidebar navigation menu you can access the Portuguese-converted pages and categories of Themza,  including Joomla 1.5.x and Joomla 1.0.x templates, quality WordPress Temas, and all 4images and Moodle themes.

We wish you happy browsing through the portuguesed pages of Themza in search for the best free template solutions for your blog, web gallery, e-learning portal, or CMS based sites.  :)

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