Galleries to Submit Your Joomla Sites To

Here at you can always find free Joomla templates for your projects. However, to run a successful site it is not enough to have an appealing design. As a webmaster you should also think how to promote your site so it is visible to the widest range of users.

The first thing that comes to mind in this case is submitting your projects to showcase sites because it costs nothing and doesn’t take a lot of time and efforts.

Want more reasons why should you submit Joomla sites to web design galleries? First of all, it’s a free way to get a quality back link (and each back link improves your site’s position in search engines); secondly, this will increase traffic to your site. Finally, if you have a beautiful Joomla site it will inspire others to explore the possibilities that Joomla offers to web masters and web designers.

Now, when you know the importance of promoting Joomla sites, you will probably need a list of web design galleries to submit your sites to. Of course, you can search the web for such galleries, or simply scroll down and find them below.

Please note: some galleries on the list accept Joomla sites only and some of them are also open to sites powered by other content management systems. We hope this list will be helpful to you and if you know more galleries featuring Joomla designs, please comment on this article.,com_bestofsites/Itemid,78/


Helen Bailey is a Marketing Assistant at TemplateMonster. The company is known for offering Joomla templates for different versions of the Joomla CMS (Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5, etc) as well as responsive Joomla templates.

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