An advanced Joomla template on the way

If you refuse to accept all but the best for you – you usually get it.

It is very important that you always strive to get more in order to be able to receive what you wish for. This increases the possibility that you get what you really want. However, it would not be enough to be just wishing, you will also have to be able to give. The more you give, the more you get…

We, the designers at Themza – want to inform you that we took some important decisions in relation to the brand new series of highest-quality joomla templates, whose engine is currently being developed. Please don’t assume that we are dumping the present Joomla templates. We are just getting more ambitious, which is reflected in our work style as well.

There are a bunch of much improved functionalities that will be supported by almost all upcoming Joomla template releases. We’d like to outline the basic new characteristics of the couple of new Joomla templates that will be introduced within the upcoming several weeks:

1. The most important thing is that you will have the possibility to CHANGE the design color scheme fairly easy. During the official introduction of this type of templates we’ll give you information on how exactly you will be able to make those aesthetic changes. For the moment, it is clear that at least one of the Joomla 1.5 templates that we are planning to release shortly will support the following color themes: Red (default), Blue, Green, Brown & Black

2. In contrast to the templates released so far, the new ones will have a grey footer area, where two pre-defined areas will be located: USER1 & USER2. Those two areas are featured in Joomla 1.5 by default and there you can position different modules such as: Latest News, Archive, Polls, etc. Up till now, these two areas have been supported only in the left sidebar of the templates. Thus, you will avail of more space within the template’s layout and will be able to use more modules. We are making progress in our work and the results from our efforts are already discernible.

3. There is another new feature, but it will be revealed to you on the day of the template’s official release. In the meantime, try to guess what might be so special about the new advanced templates?!?

To the attention of the users of free and even of paid professional and semi-professional Joomla templates! You are searching for better design templates, boasting a better functionality, more options, including a trouble free change of the ‘haircut’ of your website from time to time?

Do you still want it?

Wondering why you do not get it yet despite your desire?

Please have a little patience….and keep on wishing. You will very soon get exactly what your Joomla websites need: free Joomla templates whose quality will be very close to the that of the paid alternatives, if not better than theirs.

Do not be satisfied with nothing but the best. Especially when it comes right on time, yet free of charge… The kind our new 4Images theme (Photography Shot) users got!

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