Russian language now available for

Check Out the Russian Version of is now enabled with a Russian translation. The Russian language is available for all our Joomla, WordPress, Mambo, Drupal, Moodle and 4images Бесплатные веб темплейты.

To access the Russian translation when browsing the site in English you just need to click the Russian flag in the right upper corner. Also, you can open the Russian version in your browser using the following address:

As all other language versions, the Russian translation of the site enables you to access our Бесплатные темы form the navigation menu. Also our blog can be opened using the Блог Дизайн. The link Видео уроки will show you the Video tutorials section. To contact us you can use the Контакты page.
If you are looking for a design for a specific script, you can check the available categories in the left navigation menu – here you can access the templates for Joomla 1.0, Joomla 1.5, WordPress, Moodle and 4images templates. All templates are presented with nice screenshots, tutorial videos and detailed review of all important features.

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