Set up your family photo album with Family Photo Memories, our new free 4images theme. Watch 4images video tutorials!

To all 4images Gallery users,

You must remember our post from more than a week ago where we pre-announced the upcoming release of a new 4images theme for setting up family photo albums. At the time of writing the pre-news post, it was certain that the theme would be available for free download within a matter of a few days.

At least, that’s what our hard-working designers intended to do – just make a push and do their best to release the template in good time. Well, due to some technical hitches on the track, you know working on a 4images project is not the easiest way to go designing a decent template, we needed to slow up the theme’s launch.

Hopefully, this delay has not made you wait too long for the anticipated theme to come up online for free download. Well, even if that is the case – your patience will be rewarded generously, we promise :)

So, here it is – Family Photo Memories – the newest free 4images theme released by our Themza Team, and generally the first template dedicated exclusively to the family theme.

As you might expect, the new release is designed to help you set up a unique family photo album online within a few clicks. The cordial atmosphere its colorful scheme creates will be a real aesthetically pleasing gift for the viewers of your photo gallery, including your children, relatives and friends.

Some of the key features supported by the Family Photo Memories 4images template include: 1024 screen resolution compatibility; support for 4 thumbnail columns; automatic thumbnail image generation; support for multiple languages and various image/file formats (jpg, gif, png, aif, au, avi, mid, mov, mp3, mpg, swf, wav, ra, rm, zip, pdf). Check the theme’s page for more 4Images supported features.

We are currently working on a movie tutorial that will offer you quick guidance through the basic management steps for this particular template. While this is expected to be ready next week, we’d like to now present to you two just as useful videos walking all 4images newbies through the basic procedures for setting up a 4images-driven website:

4images Movie Tutorial 1: How to download a 4images template from the web in a few quick steps This movie will teach you how to quickly download a desired free 4images theme from the web and prepare it for use on your own website.

4images Movie Tutorial 2: How to upload and install a template on your 4images Gallery website The second 4images video is focused on the process of uploading a theme already downloaded from the web and installing in online in a few mouse clicks.

We do believe that those brand new videos will be of help in building your web photo gallery on the basis of the 4images software. Actually, this is just the beginning of a continuous series of video tutorials that will be added regularly to our growing base of free script templates.

Download Family Memories

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