Recognition for our best 4images template!

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

According to the wish of Themza’s designers, who at the moment are roaming the hills of some mountain, trying to evade eventual encounters with bears, we are publishing this post dedicated entirely to our one and only 4images theme: Photography Shot.

Surviving after a delivery – easy… by Caesarean section!
As you know, our designers pointed out that the birth of this only child was not as easy a task as giving birth by Caesarean section these days, for example. The important thing is that they survived. They kept saying they were literally a step away from the End… Can they be trusted? Hardly!

Acknowledgement of Themza by the creators of the 4images gallery!
Beside the fact that our designers are alive and well (for the moment), we can safely say that their efforts to create our great 4images template were well worth it! The Photography Shot 4images theme appeared in one of the Newsletters of (these are the very creators of the 4images gallery!). When we are in poor shape, may we always be like this!

What more can be asked for?
Very simple. More downloads! So, keep downloading, dear fans of the 4images templates. We are planning to try ourselves with a few more themes soon.

Our designers survived the first and best 4images theme (we’ve ever made!). They will survive the following ones as well. Even if they’ll have to sing the song “Cry me a river!”, MORE themes for our most favorite online photo gallery: the 4images gallery, will be born.

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