Photography Shot 4images Template Coming Up Shortly

The ThemZa web design team is happy to let you know that the first 4images themePhotography Shot, has been finally created and will be launched online for free download within a few days’ time. As soon as we reignite our creative spark, after the energy-and-time-consuming theme creation process, we’ll make the free 4images template available to all of you and focus our efforts on the next theme release, the name and category of which are still kept secret.

To be honest with you – we consider the first design theme a true achievement, a great step ahead. Gigantissimo! Großen Schritt voraus!

Photography Spot 4images Template

Download Photography Shot

While making this big stride – contributing to the benefit of the global Internet community with our first, unique and inimitable piece of art – at one moment it occurred to us that it might have been much easier to simply repeat the achievement of Neil Armstrong (pretending to be walking on the Moon), than to craft a really good ground-breaking theme design especially intended for 4images Gallery. It was not until then that we realized why the Internet is not abundant in 4images-focused templates, just as it is overflowed with free or paid web templates for other open source softwares such as Joomla, WordPress and Moodle.

It turns out that not many people spend their free time creating 4images templates because the template set-up process for 4images gallery is pretty complicated. The reason why very few websites out there are offering free 4images templates is probably this – specialists in web design very often need to get additional training to be able to give online birth to a 4images template of really worth quality.

In the light of the afore-mentioned we would like to send the following message to the creators of the 4images gallery software:

Dear guys from Deutschland, please try to stick to the credo of Google creators that things have to be kept simple and easy. Versteht ihr?

Do you really need to strive to create a sophisticated work of genius? What should be so special in the setting up of an online photo gallery after all? Please, draw a lesson from the guys in Italy, whose Ferraris and Maseratis are very simplified when compared to the German cars, however cost almost twice as much as them! These striking icon features of the Italian cars have contributed to their establishment as boutique models on the world’s car market.

Have you ever heard of a German car that has gained the status of an icon and yet, keeps being produced and keeps creating the same level of excitement as its Italian competitors? Bet you haven’t! Neither have we! Of course, we cannot dispute the fact that German cars are much better (and more complicated, being equipped with a multitude of widgets) than the Italian ones. Uber alle cars rulez! Our undeniable admiration for the genius über alle cars has been expressed in our most downloaded Joomla Template for auto maniacs from the website.

Finally we would like to say that it certainly seems much easier to write an improved version of the current Yahoo! search engine, since nobody uses it at the moment anyway, than to make a really good template for the 4images photo gallery. That’s it!

Liebe Freunde Deutsch 4images, Keep it SIMPLE, wenden Sie sich bitte!

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