Copyright violation detected for one of our distributed free 4Images themes

There is nothing wrong about following the example of somebody who has created something valuable and used by many people, making this way even more people happy. However, it is against all moral standards to steal somebody’s piece of work, pretending to be its author. Well, that’s what has happened to our Photography Shot 4Images theme released for free download online more than a month ago. This was our first theme for 4Images, which our designers crafted with much love and enthusiasm. To our great surprise, the theme scored a great success, becoming one of the most downloaded Themza templates within the first week of its official release. The theme was even listed in the “Recommended 4images templates and styles” section of the 4Images’ August Newsletter, which was, indeed, a great recognition for our work. So far so good!

The popularity of our Photography Shot template, however, went so far that some people tried to present themselves as designers of the theme in order to benefit from our work without any effort. Well, as you may guess – this is both a 100% infringement of our copyrights over the theme and offence to our work. We were quick enough to find the ‘thief’ on time and notify 4Images about him. The guys at 4Images reacted instantly, by blocking the user’s access to the forum and disabling any links to his website. That was another sign of respect to our designers’ work on their part and also – an indication that it is us who actually stand behind the theme.
The copyright thief was reprehended for this act of infringement and asked to remove the theme from his website. Well, as you may see, he hasn’t done so yet. However, it has become clear that when somebody does ignore the good manners within a certain online community where rules are king, he or she will be inevitably pushed out by its members for the sake of harmony between the community members.

We, at Themza, will keep contributing to the benefit of the growing 4Images community by working on the release of more advanced free themes in the near future. Our sole purpose is to make you all enjoy working with this powerful photo album/community software through colourful, elegant and easy-to-download and use templates.

Keep up the good work and mind to let us know should you notice that somebody offers online a theme strikingly similar to any theme released by Themza without mentioning about the Themza’s authorship! We do need your support to keep working for your future free template choice. Your collaboration is our greatest stimulus during the long hours of creating, testing and delivering new theme features.

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