A nice colorful free 4images theme for keeping your precious family photo memories coming soon

This is correct. The newest template crafted in our designers’ workshop will be a 4images theme for family photo albums. After our latest two 4images theme releases - Wedding Photography and Wedding Album our designers came up, quite logically, with the idea of creating a family photo album theme.

This will be a completely ready-made template for your family’s online album, giving you the possibility to make use of all layout features and functionalities provided by 4images Gallery.

Family Photo Memories Theme Upcoming

Why will Family Photo Memories be the exact 4images theme for your online album website? Well, as its name implies, the new theme will be the perfect virtual home to the precious moments you share with your family everyday, holding a camera in hand.

The Family Photo Memories 4images template features a spacious layout for you to feel comfortable in organizing your growing photo archive as you like. What catches the eye most is the rich palette of colors of the main navigations buttons and category title headers standing out in soft contrast to the sky blue background of the template.

Family Photo Memories will be readily downloadable for all of you in a couple of days’ time, so stay around for our theme release post on the matter.

Download Family Memories

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